“I was blessed to have both of my children attend St. Stephen’s Nursery school for 2 years each.  During this time they were nurtured socially, emotionally and academically.  They were cared for by loving teachers that took their individual needs into consideration on a daily basis.  Having a son with special needs, I was worried about where to send him, but the St. Stephen’s staff went above and beyond allowing all of his services to be conducted during his school day and working with his team of specialists in order to provide him with the best education possible.  I also love St. Stephen’s because of all the extra events they offered for the children and their families to come in and experience together, from programs, and book fairs, to art shows, and summer camps, and many more.  I could not have asked for a better preschool program and my children were definitely prepared for kindergarten because of it!  Thank you St.Stephen’s!” -The Mondy Family

“Our son went to SSNS for three and four year old preschool and we could not be happier with the education, nurturing, and love he received while a student there. Not only did his experience more than adequately prepare him for kindergarten and beyond, we always felt so comfortable with the teachers and staff who always had his best interest at heart and encouraged him to become a lifelong learner and explorer! We knew that when he was there, he was as loved and cherished as he could possibly be. Our son has made some lifelong friends as a result of our time at SSNS, and he still speaks about his years there and remembers all the fun he had along the way. We would absolutely recommend SSNS to anyone looking for an amazing preschool experience, and we are counting down the time to when our youngest can also attend!” -Meghan

“My son went to St. Stephen’s Nursery School for four years, starting with the Mommy and Me class when he was two, which was recommended by his pediatrician. He then went to every PreK class for the next three years, and each class was meticulously designed for the age and skill level of the children. He is now flourishing at kindergarten, and this is due to the commitment and lessons from the teachers and staff at St. Stephen’s. Every year, we would receive assessments on his achievements and could see firsthand his progress. The classes are a perfect balance of learning and play, vital to a child’s development. We are so thankful we decided to send him to SSNS, as he is now in kindergarten with fellow students. I highly recommend St. Stephen’s to anyone looking for a safe learning environment for their child.” –Allison Loch