In the classroom, we focus on early reading, writing, and math skills. We support social-emotional development, listening, problem-solving, and communication skills. Fine motor is also a primary focus. We foster creativity and support children in learning essential problem-solving tools and techniques. St. Stephen’s goal is to develop the whole child through a balanced approach of play-based academics.

Three Year Old 

Meets twice per week. Time: 9:00-12:00 

This program is strongly based on active participation, and encourages independence, cooperative play, and creativity, as well as social and emotional growth in a friendly classroom environment while adding an academic component that is developmentally appropriate.

Children learn pre-writing skills through singing, reading and being surrounded by the written and spoken language. Math skills are taught through fun counting, patterning and calendar activities. The three-year-old class is play- based and is comprised of circle time, art, story time, active play, snack, and free choice play. This class meets two mornings a week.

To enroll in this class the child must be 3 years old by October 15 and toilet trained.

Pre K Full Day

Meets Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Time: 8:30-2:30 & 8:40-2:40 

This program is designed to prepare your child for a successful kindergarten experience.

The Pre-K class continues to offer a play-based program that prepares students for kindergarten in a developmentally appropriate way. These classes are comprised of all the elements listed in the Three-year-old class. In addition, we implement curriculum from Creative Curriculum, Handwriting without Tears, and Wilson FUNdations to make sure each child heads off to kindergarten with the skills they need to be successful.

Pre K Counts!

Lunch/Snack provided. 5-day program. Time: 8:50-2:20 
Pre K Counts! is a scholarship program which provides no-cost pre-kindergarten education for eligible children ages 3-5. Families must meet income guidelines. Please click here for more details.

Class Supply List: