Three Year Old Program

Meets two mornings per week. Time: 9:00-11:30 Tuition: $1386.00

This class is for children who will turn 3 years old by October 15th of the current school year and are potty trained by the first day of school.  Children learn the developmental tasks of separating from home, sharing, and ease of task switching.  Activities provide opportunities for exploration through dramatic play, role-playing, toys, blocks, games etc.  Concepts are delivered on an introductory level.  Curriculum emphasizes exploration and learning through play.

Pre K Full Day

Meets three days per week. Time: 8:30-2:30 & 8:40-2:40 Tuition: $3862.00

With an explicit focus on kindergarten readiness, these classes are ideal for children entering Kindergarten the following school year. In full day, children have the experience of extending their school day to include lunch, rest time and additional academic and gross motor sessions daily.  A flexible curriculum promotes math and reading readiness, age appropriate social skills and group participation.

Pre K Counts!

Lunch/Snack provided. 5-day program. Time: 8:50-2:20 No tuition, income-based program.
Pre K Counts! is a scholarship program which provides no-cost pre-kindergarten education for eligible children ages 3-5. Families must meet income guidelines. Please click here for more details.